In Times of Need

When times get tough, there's help available.

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Assistance for those in need

We keep you connected to multiple organizations and agencies in northeast Ohio where you can get relief for any number of challenges. Keep in mind, this is only a partial list and there are numerous options not mentioned here.

For instance, if you're struggling with real estate costs, your county treasurer might work out a tax payment plan with you. Many drug manufacturers offer assistance programs for those struggling with prescription costs. And numerous food banks and shelters in the area are ready to serve.

Angel Food Ministries: Serves as a low-cost food source with pick-up sites located throughout northeast Ohio. For locations and information, call 877-366–3646.

KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education): Provides 7 17 Credit Union members with free financial counseling for issues including debt management, budgeting, credit counseling and more. Call 844-321-2984.

Catholic Charities: Provides mortgage payment assistance. Call 330-744–3320.

Consumer Credit Counseling: Provides debt and budget counseling. Call 800-355–2227.

Home Affordable Modification Program: Creates a defined loan modification process through which borrowers who are in default, at risk of imminent default, or in foreclosure can have their loans modified to a more affordable monthly payment targeted at 31 percent of their monthly gross income.

HOPE Homeownership Preservation Foundation: Counseling available by calling 888-995–HOPE.

Job & Family Services: Provides assistance through a variety of programs such as Ohio Works First; Employment Services for Individuals with Disabilities; Food Assistance; and Healthy Start, Healthy Families.

  • Trumbull County: 330-675–2249
  • Mahoning Valley: 330-740–2073
  • Columbiana County: 330-424–1471
  • Portage County: 330-297–3750
  • Stark County: 330-452–4661
  • Summit County: 330-643-8200

Lutheran Services: Provides utility bill assistance. Call 330-664–3848.

MYCAP: Provides energy assistance for Mahoning County residents. Call 330-747–7921.

National Hunger Hotline: Provides locations of local food shelters. Call 866-3–HUNGRY.

Neighborhood Development Services: Financial assistance available by calling 330-297-6400, ext. 248.

PHH Financial Hardship Assistance: Provides loan work outs for 7 17 members whose mortgage loan is being serviced by PHH and who are experiencing financial hardships. Visit the site or call 800-750–2518.

TCAP: Provides energy assistance to Trumbull County residents. Call 330-393–2507.

Trumbull 211: Provides utility bill assistance for Trumbull County residents. Call 330-393–1565.

United Way: Provides access to a number of health and human service programs through their affiliated agencies.

  • Trumbull County: 330-369–1000
  • Mahoning County: 330-746–8494
  • Northern Columbiana County: 330-337-0310
  • Southern Columbiana County: 330-385-2082
  • Portage County: 330-297–1424
  • Stark County: 330-491–0445
  • Summit County: 330-762-7601

Veterans Assistance: Provides assistance to honorably discharged veterans in identifying potential benefits. Call 866-789–6333.