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Personal Teller Machines (PTMs) provide advanced drive-thru technology that allows members to talk directly to a 7 17 Personal Teller via two-way video.  Similar in appearance to an ATM, PTMs allow members to conduct various transactions from the convenience of their vehicle.

  • Cash deposits
  • Check deposits
  • Check cashing
  • Cash and coin withdrawals
  • 7 17 loan payments
  • 7 17 Visa credit card payments
  • 7 17 Visa cash advances
  • 7 17 personal line of credit advances
  • 7 17 home equity line of credit advances
  • Account transfers
  • Loan payments
  • Member-to-member transfers
  • Card-PIN authentication
  • Member service inquires
  • Address changes
  • IRA deposits
  • HSA deposits
  • Receive a corporate check
  • Drive-thru transaction forms will not be used
  • Document drop-offs (ex. payroll deduction lists, loan docs, etc.)
    • Use lobby or night drops at available locations

The Personal Teller Machines (PTMs) allow us to offer longer drive-thru hours with more consistent teller coverage.  PTMs will also significantly improve accuracy and provide members with a better, more convenient banking experience.

Instead of using a familiar drive-thru tube, members will now interact with the PTM.  A personal teller can assist you with your transaction via two-way video or you can use the machine in self-service mode.  Also, you can put your checks and cash directly in the appropriate machine slots; no envelopes are needed.  The machine will count the cash and scan your checks.  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that a 7 17 Personal Teller is able to assist you.

Members simply have to touch the screen or insert their debit card to be connected directly to a Personal Teller. Members will be asked to scan their ID for identity verification and withdrawal requests.

Yes, IDs will be scanned for all member withdrawal transactions, balance inquires and for non-members depositing on a member’s behalf.

A photo will be captured and verification questions will be asked. If the teller is confident of your identity, they will proceed with the transaction. Please be advised, personal tellers have the right to refuse service at any time without proper identification.

Yes, member and Personal Teller conversations are as private as standing in front of a lobby teller. For security purposes, the conversation is recorded and kept on file for a period of time before being destroyed. Members can also adjust the speaker volume on the machine, which enables members to conduct their transaction without others being able to overhear their transaction or account information. Members who prefer typing their transaction request, can use the touch screen to access the “Text your Teller” chat option. Members using the PTMs inside branch vestibules will also have the option of using a handheld phone conveniently located on the left-front of the PTM. An audio jack is also available for members to use their own headphones.

There are NO FEES for members to use a PTM regardless as to whether a personal teller is requested or the member performs their transaction self-serve.

Yes. All Personal Tellers are 7 17 Credit Union employees, working at our Operations Center.  They have been specifically trained to help members using PTMs.

The hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday – 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Yes. PTMs are available 24/7 in ATM Plus (or self-service) mode.  Personal Tellers are available during the hours listed above.

Yes. PTMs are available at all 7 17 branches. Please visit for location details.

We expect that member transactions will be quicker because members will no longer use a drive-thru tube that goes back and forth, the PTM counts and adds all currency received and disbursed and also counts all checks received.

If members do not wish to use PTMs, they are encouraged to come inside the branch to complete their transaction. However, because PTMs offer so much advanced functionality, we hope members will try using a PTM. Employees will be on hand during the first month to offer assistance with the drive-thru PTMs and always available to demonstrate the PTM inside the branch using the vestibule PTM.

No. If members do not wish to complete their transaction with a 7 17 Personal Teller in the drive-thru, they will have two options. They can either do their banking inside the branch or, in the future, use the machine in ATM Plus mode. ATM Plus will offer members various cash and coin options besides $20 bills when cashing checks and more self-serve transactions, including access to all deposit accounts, loan payments, loan advances, cross account access and more. ATM Plus will be available 24/7.

Traditional ATM machines allow members to do balance inquiries, deposits, withdraws and transfers to and from savings and primary checking only. ATM Plus expands upon those services and offers members various cash and coin options besides $20 bills when cashing checks and more self-serve transactions, including access to all deposit accounts, loan payments, loan advances, cross account access and more. ATM Plus can be used 24/7 and will be available soon.

All checks must be signed and inserted unfolded, free of staples or paper-clips.

Yes. Members can either talk to a Personal Teller to complete their transactions or insert their card to do a withdrawal, just like a regular ATM.

No. PTMs are not replacing any staff at the credit union.  Because PTMs offer extended hours to members, employees can work a more flexible work schedule.

We have masked part of the account number and have included the account suffix for security and privacy.

Yes. An image of a deposited check will appear on the backside of the member’s receipt.

No.  Members cannot put coins into the machine, but the machine will dispense coins if needed during a withdrawal.

PTMs can dispense $50, $20, $5 and $1 bills for cash, and quarters, nickels and pennies for coin. Note: The machine will not dispense $10 bills or dimes.

No.  PTMs are unable to print any kind of check.  Members with these types of needs will need to visit the branch lobby.

Yes. Members performing their transaction with a Personal Experience Teller will be permitted to withdrawal a maximum of $5,000. Members using the self-service option will be permitted to withdrawal $500 per day, which is consistent with our regular ATMs.

  • Extended hours of service
  • Check image on the receipt
  • Self-serve transaction capabilities beyond standard ATM transactions
  • Drive-up convenience
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Counterfeit currency detection
  • More consistent drive-thru teller coverage with centralized personal tellers
  • Less closed drive-thru lanes

Yes. 7 17 Credit Union uses the latest technology to ensure member transactions are done securely. Additionally, member transactions done with a Personal Teller are recorded.