Personal Teller Machines offer members a better, more convenient banking experience

In an effort to provide longer drive-thru hours, improve accuracy and to provide members with a better, more convenient banking experience, 7 17 Credit Union has introduced new technology called Personal Teller Machines (PTMs).
7 17 locations with PTMs: Similar in appearance to an ATM, PTMs allow members to conduct various transactions from the convenience of their vehicle 24/7. 
Instead of using a familiar drive-thru tube, members now interact with the PTM.  A Personal Teller can assist members with their transaction via two-way video or members can use the machine in self-service mode.  
Members can still expect the convenience and high-level service that they’ve come to associate with 7 17. Personal Tellers are 7 17 Credit Union employees, working at our Operations Center. They have been specifically trained to help members using PTMs.
While we hope all of our members will give the PTMs a try, members can continue to come inside their branch to complete transactions.
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