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Please contact the 7 17 Collections Department at 330-372-8160. We will work with you to establish alternate payment arrangements.

Normally, 7 17 offers ‘skip payments’ only twice a year, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. To request a skip a payment outside of the two we traditionally offer, please call the TeleServices Department at 800-775-7741. A representative will process your request and forward it to our Lending Department for consideration.

Yes, you can set up an escrow account for a loan, even if you are not required to have one. Please contact the Loan Servicing Department at 330-372-8150 for further information and details on what you need to do. 

No, 7 17 requires that signers on loan documents be at least the legal age of 18; therefore, you cannot title the car in the name of a minor.

Yes, you can easily setup and manage your recurring payments to your 7 17 loan using your account number or debit card from your external financial institution. Simply log in to 7 17’s NetWorth24 Online Banking and select “Loan Payments-External FI” from the “Move Money” tab. 

If you don’t have online banking, learn how to enroll. You can also visit any of our branch locations for assistance. 

You cannot change the name on your car title. When you sell or trade in your car, you will sign your old name first, and then sign your new name using “a.k.a.”, also known as. You may need to provide proof of the name change, so make sure you have your marriage license with you at that time.

7 17 offers different options to lower the rate. The options are based on the individual circumstances and type of loan. Contact our TeleServices Department at 800-775-7741 and speak to a loan specialist for more details.

If you have PMI on your mortgage loan, it will automatically be cancelled when your loan balance reaches 78% of the property value, based on the value at loan origination. If you would like to have it cancelled prior to then, we must verify that the loan balance is no higher than 80% of the current value. You, the borrower, must pay the cost of a new appraisal in such cases.


No, PHH is not part of 7 17 Credit Union; therefore, we cannot take your payment.

You will need to sign a form that authorizes us to cancel that insurance. Please contact us to obtain this form.

Go to any title department in the state the car is titled in and ask for a replacement. Be sure to take your driver’s license for proper identification. 

Yes. However, first check the original loan documents that you signed at the dealership which will indicate any insurance you purchased at that time. If you cannot find your copy of those loan documents, 7 17 can provide verification for you.

The type of insurance coverage required for your vehicle is determined by the amount you owe on the loan. If the loan balance is less than $2,500, you can choose what type of coverage you want, including liability only, which only covers repairs or loss caused to another vehicle. If the loan amount owed is more than $2,500, you are required to carry full coverage with a maximum deductible of a $1,000. Until the loan is paid off, the vehicle is considered collateral for the loan and must be protected accordingly. 

As long as the car is not being driven, you can sign a storage letter at the credit union stating that the car is in storage and covered by storage insurance. You are required to sign a new storage letter every six months verifying that the car is still in storage. If you take the car out of storage for any amount of time, a new storage letter will need to be signed when it is returned to storage.

If you discover an error on a 7 17 loan, please contact the TeleServices Department at 800-775-7741. They will forward your information to the proper department for review and resolution based on the issue and what we need to do to correct the error.

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