Welcome former YCSCU members to 7 17 Credit Union

A warm welcome to our newest 7 17 members!

Here's to the start of a great relationship…Our shared passion for financial strength, growing the communities we serve, and our incredible members will make us BETTER TOGETHER. Continue to follow this page for updates. We are happy you are here! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 717 Credit Union, your new financial home. 

About the merger:
Youngstown City Schools Credit Union is now a part of the 7 17 Credit Union family. Together, we are creating a better banking experience making it easier for our members to bring their goals within reach. As part of 7 17, you will have access to additional tools, services, products, and experiences that conveniently include 13 branches and the option to bank with us online, on the go, by phone, or app. We can’t wait for you to explore what we have to offer. In fact, as part of this new relationship, we are pleased to offer you some perks only for former YCSCU members. Keep an eye out for some special welcome offers coming to your mailbox! You’ll want to use these offers in branch, where our 7 17 member representatives are eager to meet you.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any point with questions or stop in a branch. We look forward to serving you!

Key Dates
Dates and times noted below are subject to change

October 20, 2023 - Any new accounts or loan applications must be done at a 7 17 branch

November 30, 2023 - YCSCU office will close permanently at noon

December 1, 2023 – WELCOME to 7 17 Credit Union; YCSCU data is migrating to 7 17’s platform

All YCSCU members will have access to their funds at 7 17 on December 1, with the exception of any unforeseen circumstances. Many caring individuals are working to make sure this transition is seamless and easy for you.
IMPORTANT: All former YCSCU members should have received a merger welcome packet!
A comprehensive merger welcome guide was sent to all new members so that you could get familiar with 7 17, your new products and services, important information, and any actions you may need to take. The packet should have arrived around November 1. If you did not receive a guide because of an address change or other circumstance, please contact us and we will get one mailed to you. Learn more about 7 17 by visiting our website at 717cu.com
Your Accounts and Member Numbers
Your YCSCU account(s) have been transferred to 7 17. All members should have received a letter with your 7 17 account (member) number in the mail. You can find additional information regarding your account(s) in the Merger Welcome Guide. Please do not worry if you cannot locate the account letter or guide, as we are happy to serve you in any of our 13 locations to give you the details you need and acclimate you into 7 17 Credit Union! We are here for YOU! 
Deposit Insurance Change
With the merger complete, effective December 1, 2023, your deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Your savings, up to $250,000 per member for aggregate IRA accounts and separately up to $250,000 per member for non-IRA accounts, is insured by the NCUSIF. The NCUSIF insurance replaces the $250,000 per account coverage provided by American Share Insurance for each of your Youngstown City Schools’ accounts before the merger with 7 17 Credit Union.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have gone to great lengths to make sure you feel informed and welcomed. For your convenience, read through some of our FAQ’s to find out answers to your questions or contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

  • No, membership to 7 17 is transferred with the merger with YCSCU. Membership is effective December 1, 2023.
  • No. The Youngstown City Schools Credit Union office will close permanently at noon on November 30, 2023. The cost to upgrade the facility to 7 17’s systems and technology; especially given our ability to conveniently serve you from our network of branches, ATMs, and PTM, made it unfeasible to maintain the existing YCSCU office.
  • As you may know, YCSCU staff have retired and the office has been managed by 7 17 employees to help serve you. We are all looking forward to meeting new members, and in turn, become familiar and friendly faces to you!
  • Yes, at the time of the merger, YCSCU will be fully integrated into 7 17 Credit Union, including name.
  • Any account you currently have at YCSCU will be transitioned over – but the product names might be different. If it’s a car loan, it will continue to be a car loan with 7 17. However, now you will have the option to open up a checking account as well as savings with advanced ways to bank with us. Check out all of 7 17's products and the benefits and features of 7 17's account options. 
  • You will receive a new account number once your account is transferred to 7 17. You will be receiving additional information regarding your account in the mail along with your new account number. Please look out for this correspondence. If you had one account with YCSCU, you will have one account with 7 17. If you currently have both 7 17 and YCSCU accounts, you will keep both accounts as two separate accounts which you may choose to combine after the merger.
  • Following the merger, members will use 7 17’s routing number: 241282849. Use this number when setting up automatic deposits and withdrawals to your 7 17 accounts after November 30, 2023.
  • Your current YCSCU account and suffixes will be moved to 7 17 under its own account number.
  • No. Loans are contracts in which money was borrowed at an agreed upon rate and term. 7 17 will assume those loan agreements, and they will remain in effect.
  • Yes, you may continue to get paper statements. Keep in mind, you will receive your last YCSCU paper statement in the mail for 11/30/2023. Your first statement from 7 17 will be for the month of December. You should receive this sometime in early January 2024. As a reminder, if you do not want to receive a paper statement in the mail from 7 17, you may sign up for eStatements after the merger.
  • Yes, your deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

If you have questions not addressed in this FAQ’s or the YCSCU Welcome Guide, please contact us or visit one of our branches and speak to a 7 17 member representative. This webpage will be updated with new and timely information throughout the merger.