Earn double points while making home improvements

Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Cardholders

For a limited time, 7 17 Credit Union is offering double ScoreCard Rewards points* on your home improvement purchases!

Between Apr. 1 and Jun. 31, 2024, all 7 17 Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Cardholders will earn two points for every $1 spent at home improvement stores. The good news is this bonus feature has been automatically added to your credit card; there’s nothing you need to do!

Remember, your ScoreCard Rewards Points can be redeemed for amazing merchandise, travel discounts, gift cards or cash back!

*This offer is valid on qualifying purchases made at hardware stores (MCC 5251), nurseries, lawn and garden (MCC 5261), glass store (MCC 5231), lumber and building (MCC 5211), paint and varnish (MCC 5198) and home supply warehouse (MCC 5200) during the promotional period of April 1 and June 30, 2024. Bonus ScoreCard Rewards Points will be credited to your account within 30 days after this promotional period ends. Contact us for complete details.

Note: Qualifying purchases are at the sole discretion of ScoreCard.