7 17 Credit Union Transitions to One Phone Number

Use one toll-free number to call from anywhere.


One simple way to reach 7 17

With the welcoming of a new operating system, 7 17 has updated its IVR (interactive voice response) system. This includes CALL24 telephone banking as well as the call menu routing you hear when first calling the credit union.

The architecture of the new system requires some changes for our members.

The biggest benefit of the change? Members will now be able to access all accounts on which they are associated using a single login to CALL24...keeping our members connected to their multiple accounts with one quick call.


There is now one simple way to access our telephone banking system whether you are utilizing CALL24 for every day banking or want to speak to a teleservices representative. That means instead of using several local phone numbers to call 7 17, members can now call our existing 800 number – 800/775-7741.


When selecting the CALL24 telephone banking option, members will be prompted to enter their account number and the last four digits of their social security number. If you are the primary account owner of more than one account, you will need to use your lowest account number to log in (for example: a member who has access to account numbers 123456, 234567, and 345678, should login using 123456). By doing so, you will be able to access all of the accounts on which you are associated including accounts on which you are a joint owner, co-borrower, authorized signer, etc.

If you are a joint account owner, co-borrower, authorized signer, etc. and do not have your own primary account, you will be asked to use the lowest account number on which you are associated. This will allow you to access all of the accounts on which you are associated with a single login.

You will then be asked to enter a PIN. The first time you call into the new system, you will be generating a 4 to 9 digit PIN. You can use your existing CALL24 PIN if you so choose.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Setting up your new PIN. The first time you call in to CALL24 telephone banking, you’ll be asked to set up a new Personal Identification Number.
  • Yes, you CAN set your PIN to the previous one if you so choose as long as it follows the correct password criteria.
  • The maximum of numbers you may repeat as part of your PIN is three (3). Example: 111 is allowed; 1111 is not allowed
  • The maximum number of sequential numbers is also three (3). Example: 123 is allowed; 1234 is not allowed.

Note: your Personal Identification Number must be 4 to 20 digits and cannot be your account number, birthday, Social Security number, or phone number. Remember this PIN as you will use it to log into the system each time you call.