Courtesy Pay Changes

Learn how Courtesy Pay has changed for our members

Courtesy Pay Changes Take Effect to Better Benefit Members

Last updated on May 4, 2023

Whether it be a surprise expense, accounting error, or cash crunch, 7 17 offers support with our Courtesy Pay Program.* With the transition to our new operating system, we have improved this service by allowing us to provide limits that are specifically tailored to our members’ needs and ability to re-pay. We’ve made it easy for you to find what your existing courtesy pay coverage is too! Simply head to your checking history in online or mobile banking and click on "account details." There you will see your overdraft limit for your account.

Courtesy Pay is an overdraft service automatically extended to members 18 or older in good standing** to cover shortfalls on written checks, electronic transfers from a checking account, and recurring debit card transactions. Members may also opt-in to Courtesy Pay Plus to cover ATM and every day debit card transactions. With Courtesy Pay, a transaction will be honored even if it brings a checking account to a negative balance not to exceed the assigned Courtesy Pay limit.

To improve this service, Courtesy Pay limits will range from $0 to $1,500 based on monthly deposits, average daily balance, and length of membership. Because these factors may change over time, limits will be reset on a monthly basis, and your Courtesy Pay limit may increase or decrease.

Your Courtesy Pay limit may be reduced to $0 or revoked if you are no longer a member in good standing or when the eligibility criteria are no longer met. Absence of Courtesy Pay could result in a NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fee and/or the transaction being returned unpaid to the merchant which may result in a fee from the merchant.

Courtesy Pay limits are calculated as follows: 

Total monthly deposits score1
$0.00 – $49.99 = 0
$50.00 – $999.99 = 100
$1,000.00 – $1,500.99 = 200
$1,501.00 – $2,000.99 = 300
$2,001.00 – $3,000.99 = 400
$3,001.00 - $4,000.99 = 500
$4,001.00 or > = 600


Average daily balance score2
Less than $0 = 0
$0.00 -$999.99 = 100
$1,000.00 - $1,500.99 = 200
$1,501.00 – $2,000.99 = 300
$2,001.00 – $2,500.99 = 400
$2,501.00 - $3,000.99 = 500
$3,001.00 or > = 600


Length of membership in days3
0 – 30 = 0
31 – 180 = 50
181 – 730 = 100
731 – 1095 = 150
1096 – 1460 = 200
1461 – 1825 = 250
1826 (5 years) or > = 300


Add the scores for total monthly deposits, average daily balance and length of membership together to calculate the total Courtesy Pay limit score. Based on that score, Courtesy Pay limits would be as follows:

  • Score between 0 and 99 = Courtesy Pay limit of $0
  • Score between 100 and 250 = Courtesy Pay limit of $300
  • Score between 251 and 548 = Courtesy Pay limit of $500
  • Score between 549 and 1049 = Courtesy Pay limit of $1,000
  • Score between 1050 and 1249 = Courtesy Pay limit of $1,250
  • Score of 1250 or greater = Courtesy Pay limit of $1,500

Example calculation:

  • You deposited a total of $2,412 in April = score of 400
  • Your average daily balance (available on your monthly account statement) in April was $1,835 = score of 300
  • You opened your first accounts at 7 17 a little over two years or 731+ days ago = score of 150
  • 400 + 300 + 150 = total score of 850
  • Result = Courtesy Pay Limit of $1,000

Please refer to the Membership and Share Account Agreement and Disclosure for more information about overdrafts and Courtesy Pay. You may locate a copy on our website, by visiting one of our branch locations or by calling our Compliance Department at 330-372-8094 to request a copy.

*There is a $30 Courtesy Pay fee for each paid item. This avoids a non-sufficient funds fee, and, in applicable situations, a returned check fee from the merchant. 7 17 will mail a special notice informing you that your account has been brought to a negative balance to pay the item(s), and the account must be brought to a positive balance within 30 days. Courtesy Pay is not available on personal savings accounts and Basic Checking accounts. **For an account to be considered in good standing outstanding loans are less than 30 days delinquent, your checking account does not have a negative balance for 30 days or more, you do not have a previously charged-off account, and you are not subject to any legal or administrative order or levy. We may also revoke your Courtesy Pay limit if your account is being reviewed for fraudulent activity or transactions, your account is inactive, or we believe you are not managing your account in a responsible manner which may harm you or the credit union. If your Courtesy Pay limit is reduced to $0 or is revoked, transactions may be returned unpaid to merchants/third parties due to insufficient funds.

1Total monthly deposits score is based on the accumulative dollar amount of funds deposited within the previous calendar month. 2Average daily balance score is based on the average amount of total deposits available in your 7 17 savings, checking and money market accounts. 3Length of membership is based on the number of days in which you have been a member of 7 17 Credit Union.