7 17 Credit Union to Use Four-Digit Suffixes for All Accounts

Learn how your account number suffixes will appear differently after May 1.


7 17 Credit Union Account Suffixes Moving to Four Digits

Last updated on March 13, 2023

Beginning with 7 17’s Operation System Conversion, your Membership account suffixes will look a little different, with changes coming to the account suffixes. Currently, these are the 2-digit numeric codes, such as “00” for Savings or “50” for Free Checking. When our system conversion is completed, you will see the new four-digit suffix numbers on your accounts.

Below is an example to help you better understand what your existing account suffixes will look like after our operating system conversion:

Samples of Suffix changes from two-digit to four-digit:

Description Old two-digit New four-digit
Savings 123456-‍00 123456-‍0000
Free Checking 123456-‍50 123456-‍0050
Savings 12345678-‍00 12345678-‍0000
Free Checking 12345678-‍50 12345678-‍0050
Auto Loan 12345678-‍10 12345678-‍0010
Visa® Loan 12345-‍02 12345-‍0002


Samples of suffix changes from two-digit to four-digit (including masked account number):

Description Old two-digit New four-digit
Savings XXXXXX3456-‍00 XXXXXX3456-‍0000
Free Checking XXXXXX3456-‍50 XXXXXXX3456-‍0050