We’re introducing an easier way to access your ScoreCard® Rewards points!

Enjoy the ease of accessing your ScoreCard® Rewards points simply by logging in to 7 17’s NetWorth24 Online Banking or our top-rated Mobile Banking App. Your secure login means no additional login credentials are needed to access and redeem your ScoreCard Rewards points for your 7 17 debit and/or credit card, even your combined household points.

Household your debit and credit cards to maximize rewards points

The easiest way to earn more rewards points is to combine, or household, the points you earn from your 7 17 credit and debit cards.*

Once your 7 17 cards are householded, then each card listed will show the same balance when you login to the Mobile App and Online Banking. See more below.

Accessing ScoreCard Rewards points through NetWorth24

Members using Online Banking will see the point balances of their primary cards on the main page once logged in.
  • To household your accounts in Online Banking:
    • Select ‘Redeem Points’ under ‘Scorecard Rewards’
    • Select ‘Account’ at the top of the screen and select ‘Householding’

Accessing ScoreCard Rewards points in the Mobile App

Members using the Mobile App will need to select the ‘More’ option at the bottom of the screen and select ‘ScoreCard Rewards.’
  • To household your accounts in the app:
    • Select ‘Redeem Points’ under ‘Scorecard Rewards’
    • Select the head icon located at the top right of the screen
      ScorCard Reward Login graphic
    • Select the dropdown function under ‘Transactions’ and select ‘Householding.’

Accessing the ScoreCard Rewards website directly

If you have not signed up for NetWorth24 Online Banking or our Mobile App, we encourage you to do so. You can also access your Scorecard Rewards points directly at www.scorecardrewards.com. However, please note that if you do, you may be required to authenticate your identity via a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) process, which will require a two-step authentication using your username and password and a security code that will be delivered via email or text.

Great options for your rewards points

Your ScoreCard Rewards points can be redeemed for amazing brand-named merchandise, travel discounts, gift cards or 1% cash-back. The cash-back option is available with a Visa® Platinum Rewards card only, or when householded with your debit card.

We’re here to help, please contact us with any questions.

*Every time you use your Visa® Debit Card and say or push the CREDIT option and SIGN for your purchase you receive one point for every $2 you spend. Only signature or online Debit Card transactions are eligible to earn ScoreCard Reward points. Reward points are earned on net purchases only (purchases minus returns/credits). Reward points are not earned on transactions made using a Personal Identification Number (PIN).