It has come to our attention that the following fraudulent scam attempt is being made, and that customers of financial institutions and businesses, including 7 17, are being targeted:
We’ve been made aware that some 7 17 Credit Union members have been contacted by fraudsters appearing to use 7 17 phone numbers in an attempt to solicit personal financial information. During the call, the fraudster falsely represents themselves as a 7 17 employee and states that the member is a victim of fraud. The fraudster goes on to request the member’s username and password in order to gain access to the member’s accounts.
The phone call is an example of "spoofing," where a person or company falsely uses Caller ID to make phone calls. Being a spoofing victim is not unique to 7 17, and it is an issue that many organizations continue to combat. BE ALERT! This is a FRAUDULENT ATTEMPT to gain your personal information or monetary funds. These calls are not coming from 7 17 Credit Union. The fraudster will make random phone calls to individuals until they find someone who is a member of 7 17 in an attempt to gain access to their financial information.
The safest way to protect your information is to NEVER give your account information or log-in credentials to anyone who is calling you. Do not share your account information or your online credentials with anyone. If you receive any call that is suspicious, hang up immediately. If you feel that your account information may have been compromised, please contact 7 17.
Please be aware that, even in the instance of fraud on your account, 7 17 will NEVER contact you to request sensitive information, such as your NetWorth24 Online Banking username or password, your account numbers, your Social Security number or other private, identifying information.
For information on how to protect yourself from fraudulent activity, please visit