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Like the communities we serve, our organization has evolved. It is a best practice for businesses to review and refresh their visual branding from time to time. It has been nearly 20 years since Seven Seventeen has gone through such a process. With a need to replace some aging signage and a decision to develop a new website that can provide a consistent experience across all devices, it was time to look at the overall brand.

We engaged in an extensive process of analyzing our existing brand that included focus groups, surveys and interviews of members, non-members, and employees. To our delight, the research showed that all audiences consistently had a very positive view of Seven Seventeen Credit Union in regards to the culture of the organization and the quality of the financial solutions provided. The research also consistently showed that it was time for a visual update.

As the population of the Mahoning Valley continues to decline, the Credit Union must grow its footprint in order to continue our 60 years of growth long term. In addition, we recognize that younger members are the future borrowers in the communities that we serve. This is also important for future growth. The visual brand changes are also designed to help us with those growth objectives.

As a result of that process, you will begin seeing some new visual representation of the Seven Seventeen Credit Union brand in the coming months.

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Q: Why are you refreshing your brand?

A: Like the communities we serve, our organization has evolved. It is a best practice for businesses to review and refresh their visual branding from time to time, and it has been nearly 20 years since 7 17 has done so. With a need to replace aging signage and a decision to develop a new website, it was time to review the overall brand.

We extensively analyzed our existing brand through focus groups, surveys and interviews of members, non-members, and employees. The research showed that all audiences had a consistently positive view of 7 17’s organizational culture and the quality of the financial solutions provided. It also revealed that it was time for a visual update.

The brand refresh, which is a visual change only, will help position 7 17 Credit Union for continued growth and communication with future borrowers in the communities we serve.

Q: Have you changed your name?

A: No; the legal name of the credit union – Seven Seventeen Credit Union, Inc. – has not changed. However, for brevity and for the cleaner, more modern look it provides, you will see that we use 7 17 Credit Union in our promotional and media relations materials. We also took a nod from many of our members who had been using 7 17 Credit Union when corresponding with us.

Because our legal name remains unchanged, you will continue to see Seven Seventeen Credit Union written out on disclosures, applications, notices, and some forms.

Q: Is the new color scheme meant to symbolize something specific?

A: A number of color palettes were tested and a mix of vibrant red and slate blue were the preferred primary colors for our new look. Red represents the strength of 7 17 Credit Union as one of the largest credit unions in not only Ohio, but the nation. It also represents the energy and enthusiasm that we have for serving our members and working to try to help them meet their financial objectives. The calming, light and friendly slate blue balances the red’s energy and represents stability and trust. Over the course of the past 60 years, 7 17 has built great stability, and we are rated among the healthiest credit unions in the country. Trust is what we strive for every day from our members.

Q: Is the new logo meant to symbolize something specific?

A: To create a cleaner, more modern look, the new logo utilizes the numerals “7” and “17” separated by color. The circle that surrounds the numerals symbolizes our common bond. As a financial cooperative owned by our members, not stockholders, our focus has always been on the best interests of our membership.

Q: 7 17 has a new tagline: “Respectfully. Yours.” What does it mean?

A: Our new tag line gives nod to that timeless salutation with punctuation that adds additional meaning. “Respectfully.” describes the essence of how we operate as an organization: how we make decisions, interact with our members and with the 7 17 family of employees, and how we get involved with the communities we serve — the very communities in which we live and work.

“Yours.” reflects our focus on you, our member-owners. As a credit union and financial cooperative (unlike a bank), we’re not beholden to generate stockholder profits. Instead, we make decisions based on what’s in the best interest of individuals that have selected 7 17 as their financial partner. As a member of 7 17, the Credit Union truly is yours.

Q: Why are we still seeing the old logo or old name in some places?

A: The current logo and imagery is found in many places and on many items. Transition costs will be minimized by updating materials as they are depleted. While you will start seeing the changes in earnest around mid-April, you might start seeing the logo before then due to the timing of when certain items need restocked or reprinted, or if new materials are introduced. Likewise, you will likely continue to see the current logo on items for some time afterwards.

Q: When did 7 17 change its website address?

A: Our new website URL,, went live on April 17, 2018. The new website can be used on all of your supported devices.

Q: Will 7 17 be changing its email addresses?

A: Yes; employee and company email addresses will eventually carry the extension of “” to be consistent with the new website and overall brand. Because of the use of a variety of systems, it is possible that for a time some emails coming from the Credit Union will have the new “” extension and some may have the existing “” extension.

Q: What will happen if I type in

A: If you type in, you will be redirected to We encourage you to start using and bookmark all your devices.

Q: Why did you change the website?

A: The new website features the latest in responsive design techniques that will allow members to have a consistent user experience whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. As our members tend toward using mobile devices and tablets more and more for account access, it was essential to have a website that provides the best possible user experience on all devices.

Q: Will your new website work on my mobile device or tablet?

A: Yes, the new responsive design of the updated website allows for easier access and greater ease of use when accessing via your mobile device or tablet.

Q: Is anything happening to your mobile apps?

A: Our popular Mobile Banking App icon and logo within the app itself will eventually update, but the functionality of the app itself will not change.

The second, general information app will be eliminated. All content on this app will be easily accessible from a mobile device on the new website.

Q: Am I going to get new 7 17 checks?

A: No, checks with the new logo will not be mass reissued to 7 17 members. However, the next time that you need to reorder checks, they will be updated with the new logo.

Q: Can I continue to use my current 7 17 checks?

A: Yes, you can continue to use your existing 7 17 checks.

Q: Am I going to get a new 7 17 Debit or Credit Card?

A: No; in order to minimize expenses, 7 17 will not be reissuing new 7 17 debit or credit cards with the new logo. It is extremely expensive to mass reissue thousands of credit cards and debit cards. Current, active debit and credit cards can continue to be used, and will not be replaced until they expire or if an incident of fraud or a stolen card occurs.

Q: Can I continue to use my current 7 17 Debit and Credit Cards?

A: Yes, please continue to use your current 7 17 debit and credit cards after the transition to the new logo. When your debit or credit card expires, you will be reissued one with the updated logo.


Q: Who do I make my loan payment out to?

A: If you are writing checks, you can continue to make them payable to Seven Seventeen Credit Union (spelled out), or if you prefer, you can also make them payable to 7 17 Credit Union. Either version will be accepted.

Q: Will my direct deposit and automatic electronic transfers need to be changed or updated? Do I need to contact my employer or company associated with these transfers?

A: Direct deposits and electronic transfers are sent to the Credit Union using our routing number and your account number, both of which will remain the same. There’s nothing to change or update.

Q: Do I need to notify payees of the change if I’m set up on bill payment or various other automatic payment solutions?

A: No, you may conduct your online bill payment transactions as usual. Any automatic payments you have set up will process as usual.

Q: Is my money still safe?

A: Most definitely! Your money in this Top 200 Healthiest Credit Union in the country remains secure. In addition, members are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.