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Ways to help support local businesses during COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many of our small, locally owned businesses are struggling. Since they’re the bulk of nation’s jobs, cultivate new innovation and help shape our communities’ personalities, helping them when they need it most is important. There are small actions you can incorporate to help your favorite local businesses.

Features to consider when opening a new checking account

There are thousands of banks and credit unions in the United States, and each offers a variety of checking accounts with different features and fees. If you’re in the market for a new checking account, be sure to do your research before making your choice. We’ve compiled a list of the best features to consider when opening a new checking account.

Should you use your emergency fund during the pandemic?

COVID-19 has caused financial problems for millions of Americans, and while the local economy is starting to operate again, many people are still in a financial pinch. If you’ve started an emergency fund, you may have begun to dip into it. But before you drain that account, consider some alternatives. We’ve compiled a list to help you weigh your options before using/draining your emergency fund.

How the CARES Act Affects Student Loans

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act signed into law March 27 introduced several new measures to help individuals and businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. For most student loan borrowers, the CARES Act automatically suspended certain federal student loan payments and reduced interest to 0% through Sept. 30, 2020. Because the pandemic has affected everyone differently, student loan borrowers have several options to consider when paying their federal student loans. 

Mobile Deposit: How to Deposit a Check using 7 17’s Mobile App

As 7 17 Credit Union continues to monitor the national, state and local circumstances surrounding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve enacted policies to protect our employees and members. With our lobbies closed, we’re encouraging members to utilize remote service points like our Mobile Deposit. Our Mobile Deposit is a great tool to help you avoid disruptions to your regular routine and lets you deposit a check with ease!

How Fraudsters are Exploiting the Coronavirus and Ways to Protect Yourself

Fraudsters are leveraging fears over the coronavirus (COVID-19) as an opportunity to scam financial institutions and individuals. Scams include phony websites, fake Go-Fund me accounts and phone calls and text messages that ask for personal information. While the best way to protect yourself is to remain vigilant, we’ve compiled some tips to help you safeguard your personal information.

Common Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You

Tax season can be overwhelming, especially if you choose to prepare your own taxes. Rushing to get your taxes filed before the April 15, 2020 deadline can increase your chance of an error, which can delay your refund, trigger an audit or cause you to pay more. Most of the mistakes that taxpayers make on their tax returns are fairly simple ones. We’ve compiled a list of the more common mistakes taxpayers make when filing taxes and some tips on how to avoid them.