eStatements FAQs

Paper-free, worry-free, hassle-free

7 17's eStatements can be saved as an html file, or downloaded as a printer-friendly PDF. PDF versions of your eStatements can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Yes. You always have access to the past 18 months of your eStatements online to print out. You may also request a paper copy of your statement at any time, for a small fee.
You may only receive one type of statement.
We can send your eStatements notification to only one email address. If you have NetWorth24 Online Banking, your eStatements email address and your NetWorth24 email address must be the same. However, you can access your statements via any computer with Internet access from 7 17's eStatements page.
Even if you delete the email notification, you can access your eStatements through Networth 24 Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or by logging in from the eStatements page on the 7 17 website.
For privacy reasons, only the primary member can sign an account up for eStatements.
Once you log on to get your eStatements, click on the "Change Password" link and enter a new password.
To sign up for eStatements, you must enroll in NetWorth24 Online Banking or download our top-rated Mobile Banking App.  

Enrolling in eStatements in Online Banking
To get started, login in to your online banking and select ‘eStatements and Other Services.’ From there, select ‘Text Banking and Alerts.’

Enrolling in eStatements in our Mobile App
Simply login to your app and click on the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of your screen. From there, you will select ‘eStatements.’

You will be asked to complete a short application and accept a disclosure to enroll.
You can switch back to the paper version of your statements anytime by calling us and requesting to change your statements back to paper.
You have many convenient options to access and view your eStatements:
  1. You can access your eStatements by clicking on the link in the email notification you receive
  2. You can log in from our eStatements page
  3. You can access and view eStatements from within NetWorth24 Online Banking
  4. You can access and view eStatements from within the Mobile Banking App
Once logged in, simply choose any of the available eStatements you want to view.
Each eStatement will remain online for 18 months. After you have been an eStatement member for 18 months, 7 17's eStatement program will always have the past 18 months of eStatements online for your viewing.
eStatements is a free service.
Your information is protected with the latest security features and requires a password, which only you will know, to access the information. 7 17's eStatements program uses 128-bit encryption security to ensure that your private information stays private.
Yes. Each monthly eStatement will automatically try to save the file with the same name. If you do not rename the file, you will save a new month over a previously saved month. When choosing a name, you may want to put the date in the title, such as "062017statement" or "June2017."
You don't need a special computer configuration or software package to access your eStatements; all you need is a computer, a modem, Internet access and an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption.
Your password must be eight characters long. It is case sensitive. You may use all characters on your keyboard, if you wish. For security reasons, we recommend that you use a mixture of letters, numbers and other characters in your password.
Your eStatements will be available approximately the first week of the month.
No, though you may choose to receive your Visa statement as an eStatement; however, you must be enrolled in regular account eStatements if you wish to receive Visa eStatements.
You’ll receive eStatements the same as if you received paper statements. If you currently get a statement in the mail every month, then your eStatements will be available online every month. If you are only mailed a statement quarterly (statements received in January, April, July and October), you will receive your eStatements every quarter.