Do not get scammed!

Stay Vigilant in Protecting Yourself and Your Accounts

When it comes to online security, everyone needs to be on guard all the time because fraudsters never rest, ever. At 7 17, we are committed to providing members with the safest online and mobile banking experience that we can by implementing the most sophisticated security technology. Even with the greatest technology, members and their loved ones need to be prepared to avoid being taken advantage of by deceitful fraudsters.

Know that 7 17 will never contact you and ask for full card numbers, social security number, PIN numbers, passwords or a one-time passcode. (Note that we may send you a passcode that needs to be entered online, but we won’t ever ask for it). It is important to STOP any conversation as soon as someone asks you to reveal your important personal or financial information. Fraudsters may claim to be calling from 7 17 Credit Union. They may even spoof our phone number, so that your caller ID shows the credit union’s phone number.

How a fraudster will scam you

The fraudster calls a member to share a concern about their checking account. The fraudster is very convincing and probes for information. To provide specific detail, the fraudster asks the member to read them the six-digit code the member just received (via text or email) “to verify that we’re speaking with the actual member” for security purposes. Unbeknownst to the member, the fraudster has used the “forgot password” link in online banking which sends a one-time passcode to the member. When the member shares the code, the fraudster can login to the member’s account and change the password. Next, the fraudster can set up external funds transfers or bill payments out of the member’s account. Unfortunately, in this example, the member has become the fraudster’s latest victim.

By visiting, you can review safety information for online and mobile banking, mobile devices and email, as well as fraud prevention tips. Please stay vigilant in protecting yourself and all your accounts.